Salvation from this misery is inconceivable.

Najib is not a good leader.


I must brush up my English.


How many times have you done that?


They just want an excuse to fire you.

Patio dining for breakfast is widely practiced in urban areas of France.

Ask him if you have any doubt.

Don't play hard to get with me.

What's wrong? Why are you crying?

She got full marks by memorizing the whole lesson.

We've got a job for you.

Casper, the rota is there.

You play the guitar quite like a professional, don't you?

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Kit ran over a dog yesterday.

Pilar almost got caught.

You need to have breakfast.

These are beautiful.

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She remembered a name.

Students have to work hard, but they also have to leave time for social activities.

In Japan, we drive on the left side of the road.

This has gone far enough.

I've tried and helped him out in everyway I could possibly think of but it seems to have made no difference whatsoever after all.

She is on a diet to lose weight.

It can cause kidney failure.

I want to change that.

Where do we know each other from?

I like to invent useful things.

You can meet her tonight.

This is the first time I've invited Warren to one of my parties.

I know I'm in trouble now.

If you anger the cat, it will certainly scratch you.

I just missed Celia.

Do you think he's really sorry?

Returned to the villa, afternoon snack.

What's for dinner?

I'm too busy to see him.

She refused to play with it, and just sat and looked angry.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the matter in question.

I've never played this piece of music before.

Cristopher was the only one who came to help.

Go to bed!

I really don't want it.

She talks a lot but never gets anything done.

Linley ought to have been here before dark.

What kind of training do you have?

You must've done something.

What was it that Shuvra bought yesterday?

The general said to the brave man, "You deserve a medal."

Some people do not like to wake up early in the morning.

She shot Ole.

He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

Patrick and Craig didn't enjoy walking in the rain.

After driving for eight hours, Klaus just couldn't drive any longer.

"Is it okay to call you tonight?" "That is fine."


Where are the plates?


He's always worrying about his daughter.

I thought you'd jump at the chance.

Please leave Floria alone.

Let's wrap up this work now and go out drinking.

Matthieu made a face.

You have so much potential.

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?


Good night everyone!

To tell the truth, I don't know him well.

This book is out of print.


You'll ride with us.

Eva is cleverer than me.

How dare you talk about Jos like that!

Edmund wandered off somewhere.

Has he been saying bad things about Knudsen again?

I put the dictionary back on Seymour's desk.

Brooke isn't selfish.

I was trying to impress her.

I'd like to bring that.


Some of what you said sounded stupid.

That dress really becomes her.

We need a carrot, a beet, and broccoli. They need to be raw, not cooked.

I won't work with him.

Why did you start studying French?

I put this question to him.

Rock fishing without wearing a life jacket can be very dangerous.

Our paths have crossed very often.

I need to get them back.


That is so embarrassing.


What happened at the office Christmas party?

Give me my cane.

I never bothered to find out who did that.

Dr. Patterson communicated with a gorilla using sign language.

That dog doesn't bite.

Her look expressed her joy.

Tanya will be a good doctor.

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What is he on about?

Is Jacob still planning to go to Boston with us?

He pretended not to hear me.


She's not easy to impress.

You can rely on him. He never lets you down.

Answer as soon as possible!

I hope you know what you're doing.

You've been infected.


I'm sorry I got you into this.

The meeting hasn't started yet.

My father likes his coffee strong.

Thanks, Carole. I'll take it from there.

Miriamne has been hammering all day.

Why are you dressed?

Drop by my office this evening.

We may as well go at once.

Nothing has been thrown away yet.

The shower doesn't work.

Emilia comes in.


Changes in society come from individuals.


I am a Japanese.

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I've only seen her twice.

Don't fear the stinging of the thorns if you want to break the rose.

A family lives in a big house.

You said I could see him.

I told her I'd be right back.


I was hoping you could tell me where Leo is.


I don't see anything.

I hope you're not planning on wearing that to the party.

You've been letting me win, haven't you?


Marc didn't want us to come to Boston.

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Please wait an hour.

I thought Jerry confessed.

How much are you asking?


I'm a purist.

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The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.

I would like to live in Iceland.

He is our boss, and must be treated as such.

He was one of the famous men of letters in his era.

This room is for rent.

You should be careful not to help too much.

Her kimono and obi combination is smart, isn't it?


From the moment that I knew that the university existed, I've wanted to go there.


Emily needs to eat something, because she's hungry.

He is named Jeff by everyone.

There are no words to describe it.


The heavy rain prevented us from going out.

You think I'm scared, don't you?

The richer he became, the more he wanted.

I'll just sit here.

Vern wants to quit.


He became an orphan when he was ten.


I hope this isn't true.

Brender is really good at chess.

I looked her straight in the eye.

Winter is finally coming.

Mankind's journey into space began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite.

I know that it is highly unlikely that we'll see any whales today.

The roof is glittering in the sunshine.

We can't just pretend like nothing happened.

Dan was on TV.


What can be keeping Bryan?

It's gotten too late, I should go back.

I know when to say when.

I see and hear.

I'm convinced that today the majority of Americans want what those first Americans wanted: A better life for themselves and their children; a minimum of government authority.

Hey, Jem, open up.

Trent sat on the motorcycle behind Julia.

What time did you eat?

The Norman's guard is impassable.

Gordon complained about the food.

It seems that he was a great athlete.

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The cat is sleeping on the chair.


I didn't mean to hit Anatoly.

They always associated a heavy rain with flood.

She tried to conceal the fact.